Jose Vieira (Portugal)

José Vieira (Portugal)
Jose Vieira

participant in

  • VideoChannel –> OMFC’2 – One Minute Film Collection 2
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
  • Le Musee divisioniste – the global art museum – “Mirror at the Bottom” – artists portraying themselves
    curated by Agricola de Cologne
  • Self-representation – Featured artists curated by Agricola de Cologne
  • NewMediaFest’2010 – 10 Years JavaMuseum
    Celebrate! – netart features 2010
  • VideoChannel – [self]~imaging
    artists portraying themselves in film & video
  • Born in Portugal in 1962.
    High Degree in painting and Master Degree on Aesthetic Communication (Digital Art) by the University Art School of Coimbra.
    Curator of FONLAD’s Festival ( and UAVM Virtual Museum (

    Jose Vieira initiated hes artistic activity in 1982. By 1995 he turn to digital art producing hes first web project in 1998: “Embrionar”. The following years he realized two more projects: “White Projects” (2000) and “Shapes” (2002). After these first experiences and disappointed with the art system, invented in 2005 the “Unknown Artist”, hes artistic alter-ego. Also in this year he created the Fonlad Festival as an artistic project, more than a regular festival.
    In sequence to this project the Unknown Artist Virtual Museum has been born.
    Hes activities are center on art commissions (that are build like art projects), digital photography and video environments for installation projects.
    Hes digital work is centered on the UAVM Museum and the Unknown Artist Project.

    Selected exhibitions: Mateus Fernandes Prize (honor mention), Batalha,
    Portugal, 1994; Installations РContemporary Art Journeys, Louṣ, Portugal,
    1992-95; Franciscans Installation ­ Grateful Senses Event, St. Francis
    Convent, Coimbra, Portugal, 2003; Cenographies, Block of the Arts,
    Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal, 2004; Colectiv_AAA, Seville, Spain, 2004; Arad Biennale, Romania, 2005; Snap to Grid, LACDA, Los Angeles, USA, 2005-2007; Convergences, Tesauro¹s Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2005; Ambassadors Prize (5º award), Chatellet, Belgium, 2005, MIAD 06, Venado Tuerto Digital ArtFestival, Argentina, 2006; Ars Latina 06 (MIDAC), Macerata, Italy, 2006; Bienal 3000, São Paulo Contemporary Art University Museum, 2006; Web Biennial 07, ISCAM, Istanbul 2007; Psychadelia ­ Digital Show, Future Sonic, Manchester, UK, 2007; Urban Actors #1, Seven Gallery, Coimbra, Portugal, 2007; Ars Latina 07, Mexicalli, México, 2007; Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal, 2007; Urban Actors #2, Foyer Europeénne, Luxembourg, 2007; Ars Latina camina (itinerancy), Castellon, Spain, 2007.

    Net art works (selection)

    Embrionar, 1998-99
    Web art project

    A virtual voyage through embrace period, center on the embryo and the development of hes child Mary. This project looks like a science project with drawings and photography’s.

    White Projects,2000
    Web art project

    Web Gallery with photographs digitally manipulated centered on the white color.

    UAVM, 2007
    Web art project

    Unknown Artist Virtual Museum.
    Web art project center on the Unknown Artist. Four sections: collection, educational center, free store and commissioned exhibitions.

    Web art project

    Unknown Artist Travel Agency.
    Web Art Project center on the Unknown Artist Travel Guide Project.

    Photographic projects (selection)

    No title
    (Unknown Artist series), 2007

    No title
    (Travel Maps), 2008

    No title
    (Travel Guide series), 2009

    No title
    (Un-artist series)

    Video projects (selection)

    Playground, 2005
    Video,2.10 mn

    Video project for the Ant’s Installation.
    Video centered on the children’s playground and recorded at the Little Ones Portugal (park with small versions of the major monument buildings of Portugal).

    Unknown TV, 2007
    Video, 1.19 mn

    Video project centered on a TV set.

    The naxus project, 2007
    Video, 2.10 mn

    Video installation for the “Alice and Minotaur” event.
    Alice has been abandoned on the Naxus Island. A dance of the awakening and search for the absent love.

    Travel Trip Boat, 2008
    Video, 3.24 mn

    Video Project for the UAVM installation on Fluxos Project.
    Lumière brothers inspired film on a portuguese boat dock. A boat travel guide through the dock. Project produced by the UAVM Virtual Museum on the Unknown artist Travel Guide Project.

    Storm, 2009
    Video, 4.16 mn

    Video installation for the Hot Corner exhibition. A video storm report. The noise of the rain and thunders goes out through the all building.