Jorge García Velayos (Spain)


Trained in Madrid Film School –ECAM- Jorge Garcia (Madrid, 1975) starts in video with ‘Éter’ (2003), an animation shortfilm made it with elements of nature as leafs and branchs. In 2006 moves to Rome and starts the Zoo Urban Project, a project who tries to identify different cities with an animal. The first piece is ‘Il ragno porta guadagno’ and express the spirit of Rome through its identification with the spider, that, thanks to its canvas, trapped the city in a deep sleep of the Past. The next videos are ‘Italy: (4)voices’, a funny documentary who talks about Italy as a ‘boot’ (because his geography), and ‘The beast’ (2009), shooting in Paris, it shows the fantastic beast is hidden in the town like a symbol of the revolutionary spirit of this place.