John Maxwell Hobbs (Sweden)

John Maxwell Hobbs

short bio:
John Maxwell Hobbs is an electronic musician based in Stockholm Sweden who has been working with computer multimedia and telecommunications for more than eighteen years. His contributions to the early days of music on the web have been documented in the book “Virtual Music” by William Duckworth.

From the book:
“In a review of his interactive online instrument, Web Phases, Kyle Gann of the Village Voice described it as being ‘on a noticeably higher artistic level’ than the earliest tape-music and computer-music pieces, concluding that ‘the potential for social reorientation is even more incredible,’ and predicting ‘we’ll look back and say 1998 was the year our relationship to music entered a new era.'”
For much of the ’90s he was the Producing Director of The Kitchen in New York where he produced the work of Philip Glass, DJ Spooky, David Hykes and many others.
He is the Vice President of the board of directors of Vanguard Visions, an organization founded by Lauren Dyer Amazeen dedicated to fostering the work of artists experimenting with technology and also served on the Digital Arts subcommittee of the Mayor’s Council on New Media in New York City. His interactive composition Web Phases was one of the winners of ASCI’s Digital ’98 competition. He has collaborated with artist/programmer Mark Napier on Ripple, an interactive musical instrument.

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