John Maters (Netherlands)

John Maters
born 1956 Nijmegen, The Netherlands
1979-1984 Academy of Arts ’s-Hertogenbosch/The Netherlands

As composer autodidact, started in 1991 taping sound during the process of making; later on sounds took part of works, growing into independent compositions. He made over 80 electronic works, which are used and involved in multi-disciplinary projects. In 2001 he realized for example ‘City Jam’, which was performed in one of the waiting rooms at the Central Station, Arnhem (NL), in 2002 he composed ‘B.Good’ 70.07 min, performed on a manifestation around Hieronymus Bosch.


2001-2006 container events/interventies Madrid Valentin Robledo 2002 (E) /
Paris Voie Georges Pompidou 2006 (F) a.o.
2006 Camping St.Annastrand Antwerpen (B)
2003 Sleep Well Espace du Marais Room 312 Brussel (B)
2002 Lelystad what if (NL)
2001 Luik Station Liege Agglo as if (NL)
2000 Kluis 0915 Stationshal Utrecht Locker-container (NL)
1996 Voorheen Het Archief Den Haag Voorjaarsmorgen)(NL)
1995 Zouavenlaan 77 Tilburg gras-gras (NL)
1994 Halle 10 Ludwichsburg F..lach (NL)
Huis van Bewaring ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Casco Utrecht
Stadtische Galerie Fellbach (D)
1993 Galerie Schneiderei Koln (D)
Expositieruimte MK Rotterdam (NL)
Galerie Liesbeth Lips Breda (NL)
1991 sculptuur: woning ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
container Hinthamerstraat ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
St. Jacobshof 21 ‘s-Hertogenbosch sculptuur: Woning (NL)
1990/1991 Ginnekenweg 142 Breda A merry Christmas and a happy Newyear (NL)
1990 B. Ioveto Escultura detalle (I)
N.R.C. Handelsblad Tentoonstelling (NL)
St.Jacobshof 21 ‘s-Hertogenbosch 20 tentoonstellingen/20 catalogi Tentoonstelling (NL)

2007 Zona 9 Video Festival, Araucania (Chili)
Redux Art Center, Charlotte South Carolina (U.S.A.)
Pendu Gallery, New York (U.S.A.)
Open Source Art Champaign, Illinois (U.S.A.)
Blutenweiss Raum fur Kunst Berlin (D)
Platform Zibra Eindhoven on line in voorbereiding (NL)
2002 Stroom Den Haag (NL)
2001 City Jam # Hooghuis Arnhem (NL)
2000 Stadtmuseum Jena (D)
Argument Tilburg (NL)
1999 Lokaal 01 Breda
1998 Object Reader II Brussel (B)

He is participating in

SoundLAB – sonic art project environments

SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

SoundLAB – Edition V
soundStory – sound as a tool for storytelling
curated by Melody Parker-Carter

SIP – SoundLab Interview Project