John E. Bower (USA)

John E. Bower

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John E. Bower (USA) is a composer of contemporary music for traditional instruments, electronics, and combinations of the two. His works have been presented throughout the United States in such cities as Boston, San Francisco, Buffalo, Memphis, and Durham, at the 2001 June in Buffalo festival, the 2004 Imagine2 Festival, and by such noted soloists as John McDonald and Michael Orland. Recent works include soundSense, an interactive multimedia installation, and Oswenka, an installation in collaboration with award-winning South African photographer TJ Lemon. Mr. Bower has composition degrees from the Berklee College of Music and Duke University where he is currently in the dissertation stage of his Ph.D.. He holds a research appointment with Duke University’s Fitzpatrick Center for Photonics and Communications and Duke’s Center for Computational Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

John E. Bower participates in

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  • Edition III
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