Johannes Christopher Gérard

Johannes Christopher Gérard,
2010 began experimenting with moving images. From 2014 until today conducted several collaboration video and performance projects with artists from Taiwan, Russia, Netherlands, Armenia, Mexico and Germany. Since 2011 regularly participation in video/film festivals and projects including : Europe, Far East and South Asia, North and South Americas.

Participant in
artvideoKOELN – audiovisual experiences 01
The W:OW Project

The Wake Up! Memorial – [self]~imaging
The Wake Up! Memorial – Wake Up! Climate Change!
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
title of video : Isolate, 2019, 2:58
Dealing with the subjects of distancing, isolation, body and environment. The social, urban and nature environments we create or live in. Social distancing has a wide range and it was always there. However in the context of the Corona Crisis humanity became more conscious about it