Joaquin Ivars (Spain)

Joaquin Ivars

(Málaga, 1960) has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Málaga and is a university expert on Applied Cognitive Sciences (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Málaga). He also has a Master’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Production Design (Universidad Europea, Madrid). He works as a professor at the School of Art and Architecture of the Universidad Europea in Madrid, where he teaches Art and Society, Action and Performance and Installations II. He also teaches XXth Century Artistic Strategies in the Master of Theory and Practice of Art (Universidad Complutense, Madrid). His artistic development is related to several aspects of interdisciplinarity and complex social and artistic phenomena of the present, mainly revealed through installations, actions, specific-site interventions, videos and video-installations. He has made several solo exhibitions (Raquel Ponce Gallery in Madrid, Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre in Seville, Ojo Atómico in Madrid, Contemporary Art Factory in Tokyo and Nishijin Kitaza in Kyoto, Artissima in Turin, Moreno Villa Hall and Town Museum in Malaga, Cruce in Madrid, Cavecanem Gallery in Seville, etc.) and group exhibitions (ARCO, MAD 03, Overgaden, Botín Foundation, Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre, Juana de Aizpuru Gallery, Artissima, Nishijin Kitaza, etc.) in Spain, Japan, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Dominican Republic and France.
He has held scholarships awarded by Marcelino Botín Foundation, Picasso Foundation, Casa de Velázquez and Andalusian regional government, and studied diverse directions of visual arts, focusing fundamentally on ambivalence and complexity as ways of intervention in reflexive modernity context. At the moment he combines his teaching and research duties with his usual practical work. He has also begun recently, as editor and director, a book collection of contemporary art projects called Estrabismos (Squints) in which Antonio Muntadas, Rogelio López Cuenca, Óscar Abril Ascaso and Seiko Mikami have participated so far.

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    Title of work: Te estamos robando (We are stealing from you), video, 2003
    curated by Antonio Alvarado