Joachim Holz (Germany)

Joachim Holz

born 1966 in Mainz, Germany

Education to lithograf, reprofotograf

School for design

Social Service and work as an emergency rescue assistant
for German Red Cross. Trips to England and Canada.

full-time emloyment as a Lithograf.

Design-Study in FH Mainz, mayor points: illustration, drawing, nude,
Simular, working as a free artist, especially in painting and object-art.
Exhibition-Design for the ministry for Culture in Rhineland-Palatinate.
Excursions to Ireland, Bolivia and New York.

Finish studying with diploma, trips to Indonesia and New York again.

Work as a freelanced artist, illustrator and grafic-designer.
Member of “Forum Illustratorum“, Berlin.
Another stay in New York.

Partner and art-director of design-studio “die gestalten.”, located in former
Army Airfield Mainz-Finthen. Culture-Exchange Project with Jiangsu Provincial
Department of Culture, Nanjing

Excursions to Mexico and Venezuela, various design-projects

Trip to China, visiting Bejing, Shanghai, Souzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou

1992 »Trivium«, Kulturzentrum Mainz, Germany
1992 »Aquarelle«, Gyönk, Hungary
1993 »Salzburg-Stipendium-Exhibition«, Kunstverein Eisenturm, Mainz, Germany
1993 »Leise singende Frauen«, Exhibition/Reading with Wilhelm Genazino,
Literaturbüro Mainz, Germany
1993 »Kopf, Gehirn, Geist«, Wiesbaden, Germany
1996 »Kunst und Bürgertum«, Augsburg, Germany
1996 »Guck Mal«, Illustrationen, Heidelberg, Germany
1996 »17. International Grafic-Bienále Brno«, Brno, Tschechoslowakia
1996 »Schluß des Vorhergehenden«, Gallery Walpodenstraße, Mainz, Germany
1996 »Arthouse im Rathaus«, Ingelheim, Germany
1996 »Gen-Forum«, Südwestfunk Freiburg, Germany
1997 »Hildegard von Bingen an der Jahrtausendwende«, Bingen/Rüdesheim, Germany
1997 Company SerCon, Mainz, Germany
1998 Theatre Mainz, Germany
1999 Company GIP, Mainz, Germany
2000 »Fürchtet euch nicht!«, Gallery Walpodenstraße, Mainz, Germany
2000 »Worldfestival Art on Paper«, Kranji, Slowenia

Joachim Holz participates in

  • Le Musee divisioniste – the global art museum
  • Mirror at the Bottom – artists portraying themselves
    curated by Agricola de Cologne