Jill Sigman (USA)

Jill Sigman
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A New York native, Jill Sigman was trained extensively in classical ballet at the Joffrey Ballet and Ballet Center of Brooklyn. She received a Certificate in Theater and Dance from Princeton University. In 1998, Sigman founded her company jill sigman/thinkdance, the same year she received her Ph.D. in philosophy at Princeton. She has been a Choreographic Fellow at the Maggie Allesee Natl Choreographic Ctr, a Movement Reseach Artist in Residence, a “Women At Work” Award recipient, and a Kri Foundation Fellow in India. Sigman has been a professor at The New School, a movement tutor at the Imaginary Academy in Groznjan, Croatia, a faculty mentor for the National Dance Project, and a guest teacher of dance at many universities. Equally comfortable on a proscenium stage or crawling in the dirt armed with fluorescent waterguns, Sigman is known as a compelling solo performer. She has created a 3 woman show with Ze’eva Cohen and Aleta Hayes, and is being considered by Marina Abramovic for the restaging of Luminosity at MoMA in 2010.