Jenny Spiers (AUS)

Jenny Spiers
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

SIP – SoundLAB Interview

I am an Australian artist working across a range of media, inspired
primarily by science and technology. I also indulge in illustration
which I don’t consciously base on any scientific ideas, but which
allows me to experiment with design theory and learn more about
digital drawing and the human computer interface.

I like using a combination of lo-fi and contemporary technology. I
work with textiles both in real life (dress-making and soft sculpture)
and as scanned textures in digital media. I love the textures and
patterns of fabric and the connection to the tradition of weaving and

I’ve always enjoyed listening to music but I am new to sound art. I
became interested in creating sound artworks after my day-job required
me to convert publications to accessible HTML that could be read by
screen reader software. I realised that my interest in codes and
communication would suit the medium of sound. At the moment I am
pursuing further research into the relationship between music and

I have exhibited soft toys in Melbourne, sound art in Brisbane, and
worked as an artist’s assistant in Noosa.

title (one work only): 16 Bit Intel 8088 Chip
year: 2008
duration: 3 mins 27 sec
URL for download:
statement (no more than 1000 words in English):

I made the sound piece “16 Bit Intel 8088 Chip” in response to the
1980s poem of the same name by Charles Bukowski.

In the original text, Bukowski laments the lack of compatibility
between computer platforms, but ends the piece by declaring that in
the big picture, life still goes on regardless.