Jeanne Fremaux (Croatia)

Jeanne Fremaux

Jeanne Fremaux was founded mid-2000 as a unit working in areas between electroacoustic music and glitch-pop, creating a complex mélange of electronic genres, principally abandoning traditional pop structures in favour of disturbing and highly processed sound-styling and articulate production design.
(officialy released recordings) Fret accord on From Gdansk till Dawn (various artists compilation, released with Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 12 (MIT Press, 2002.))
Plateau Tholene / Yasmin Le Bon / Fret accord on Im Osten / In the East (various artists compilation, released with Im Osten / In the East, a book by S. Niedermayr and C. Scheib (PFAU, 2002.); reprinted with Europäische Meridiane / European Meridians, a book by S. Niedermayr and C. Scheib (PFAU, 2004.))

Concerts: Wien, rhiz (Line_In), Wien, WUK, Ljubljana, Bezigrajska galerija
(Open Beats), Zagreb, KSET (Project: Broadcasting), Zagreb, mama (Critical
Upgrade), Ljubljana, Metelkova (Start), Graz, Dom im Berg (Musikprotokoll)

Jeanne Fremaux participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition II
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter