jean-françois flamey (Belgium)

jean-françois flamey
nickname: nim

My name is jean-françois flamey, i was born in 1972 in south belgium. Early, i discovered the kraftwerk’s track ‘radioactivity’ in my parents records collection and it follows that i fell in love with music. I have eclectic tastes (post-rock, songwriting, micro house, pop, bossa, jazz, hip hop…) but i always go back to electronica. Since a few years, i experiment sounds and beats with my computer… In 2003, i take the speudo of nim (a medicinal plant which calms down every aches) and today i try to introduced acoustic sounds in my music (guitar, bass, melodica, harmonica, percussions…). I used to work during hours and hours on micro-sounds and then i place melodies and acoustic stuffs on its. I want to create a very intimate music often melancholic but never sad…
In 2003, i founded my own label called carte postale records.

jean-françois flamey participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition III
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter