Karen Hendrickx & JC Choreography

JC Choreography in cooperation with visual artist Karen Hendrickx
shaped by Noëlle Lahaye et Justine Copette, dance – choreography
all Belgian artist based in Antwerp

Participants in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
video title: Sketches of Emotion, 2020, 3:30
Sketches of Emotion is a hybrid performance consisting of an installation and a contemporary dance performance, in which the meeting point between dance and visual arts is expressed. we invite the audience to give their own interpretation to the performance and to come and see how a dance performance is turned into a timeless work of art.
With our performance we want to give a different interpretation to dance, by transforming it into another form of art. In connection with the dancers, the visual artist will transcribe the feeling, emotions and expression emanating from the movement onto paper and / or canvas. By filming the process of drawing and painting and projecting directly on a large projection screen that will be placed behind the dancers, we want to create a total experience of movement.