Javier Ocampo Hernández (Mexico)

Javier Ocampo Hernández

Date of birth January 25 1988 in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexican nationality. Student Autonomous University of Morelos in the Bachelor of Arts.

V `J (VIDEO JOCKEY) since 2007 with DJ and producer .Publications: Magazine Warp faculty of psychology UAEM.Conferencias-workshops: SITACIX. Clinical corporeality and catastrophe in the lake house . VICO art laboratory in Alameda. Selection: close up Vallarta.Entijuanarte2011. Exhibition: UniversityCulturalCentrer CCU.Convento Xteresa. AMOATO former cultural. M33 cultural space. Festival-in-dieRev. Fesstival contempo.Jornada multimedia. Borda Garden.