Jared Dunne /Meloday (Ireland)

Jared Dunne /Meloday

short bio:
I’ve been composing computer music for about eight years. Most of the output during this time can be categorized as down-tempo/experimental/beat electronic music. Instrumental HipHop has been a major influence on my music as well. I’m currently working on my thesis at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Upon completion of my thesis, I will be awarded an MA in Music Technology. I have done several sound design pieces for art installations. I am part of a live electronic music group who have played with Keith Rowe, Denis McNulty and Paul Vogel. Our group also performed at Ev+a, a multimedia arts festival. The four tracks that I have posted at the moment can all be categorized within the Electro-acoustic genre. My goal is to continue learning and evolving as an artist. I hope you enjoy my work.

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