Jane Crayton aka JanedaPain (USA)

Jane Crayton aka JanedaPain

Is a multi talented independent new media and audio/visual artist working with interactive experimental art and collage. She uses the latest in technology for unique events, galleries and museums, bringing her audio/visual art alive. Her audio is loud and noiseE, her visuals are potently surprising and mind altering.
She tailors each show to match the style and collaboration of the artist she is working with.

Jane currently shoots and creates original video and animation content for individual artist and music productions. She also utilizes experimental mediums like surveillance cameras, circuit bent electronics, and custom midi-triggering for interactive installations. When collaborating with local musicians, she works with mind puzzling sound and reactive visual installations, manipulating live video of performances and creating custom projection surfaces and screens, all of which brings the audience a unique view of electronic music culture.

Jane also works in net_art creating unique interactive art pieces that engage the online user. Often her work depicts a piece of her history, using her poetry and diary entries as source material. She has indicated an interest in documenting her self and changing her digital identity into one she can maintain control. Jane likes to push boundaries, question reality, address social and environmental issues and create a little bit of controversy hence the name JanedaPain. Her focus is STEM-A (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through Art) where she focuses much of her time to experimental educational public outreach projects for STEM-A and New Media.

Jane is also an active volunteer, she has a strong sense of community and volunteers in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Space Odyssey and Gates Planetarium as a visual artist. She has helped bring experimental arts to Denver by initiation of the dorkbot303 chapter, and she participates in experimental electronic art through BurningMan and local gallery events.

Jane Crayton aka JanedaPain participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Extasy – the final show