Iva Kontic

Iva Kontic
is a visual artist from Belgrade. She studied Visual Arts at Goldsmiths College and has a doctorate in Multimedia Arts from the University of Arts of Belgrade. She has had several solo shows and participated in a number of international shows and video festivals across Europe, Asia, and South America. She is one of the curators of ‘Moving Images’ section at PHROOM Magazine, and is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia. Iva works as an assistant professor at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, in Milan.

Participant in

CologneOFF IX – 9th Cologne International Videoart Festival
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona – Shut Down?
Title of the video: Green Shake, Cipralex & PVC Windows, 2013, 2:15
Synopsis: Green Shake, Cipralex & PVC Windows is a series of autobiographical “micro” videos. A result of a prolonged period of home isolation, the minimalist style video-performances construct and deconstruct ‘images-words’, outlining a convergence of personal experience ‘reduced’ to the existential needs, desires, fears, and other reactions to the state of alienation. (For Corona! Shut down? three videos from the series are presented.)