Isobel Blank (Italy)

Isobel Blank
(Eleonora Giglione)

participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
VAD – Video Art Database
SFC – Shoah Film Collection 2010

Isobel Blank
Eleonora Giglione, (Isobel Blank in art), was born in Tuscany (Italy). She studied many artistic disciplines that branched out in her Live Performances and Videoart works. She graduated cum laude in Philosophy (Aesthetics) at the University of Padua (Italy). Her works have been exhibited in many galleries and International Contemporay Art Fairs in Italy and Europe (Padua, Perugia, Venice, Monaco, Innsbruck, Gent, Dublino); moreover they were published in the Art books Una dispensa a regola d’arte (Editing Art, 2003) and Opera 2003/04, European Selection of Contemporary Art (Editing Art, 2004) and distributed in Italy e Germany. She was guest on the Cover n°29 of the Lobodilattice Arte Contemporanea Webzine and Fanzine of Milan in 2008. She realized videoart works for musicians like Leo Abrahams (Eno’s guitarist), Alessandro Gandola e Giovanni Sollima, Alessandra Celletti, Giuseppe Righini. She attended the Drama Academy of Theatre in Padua and the International Institute of Commedia dell’Arte of Venice (ICAI). She studied Classical and contemporary dance with Elisabetta Galli, Ana Bayer, Fabrizio Monteverde, Cheryl Therrien, Yutaka Takei, Virgilio Sieni. From 1997 she sings in the band Vestfalia, recording 5 selfproducted albums, and taking part to many musical events like Festivals and Concerts in Italy (support to Dresden Dolls – Boston).