Irina Novarese (Italy)

Irina Novarese
Participant in

  • CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008
  • VAD – Video Art Database
  • VIP – VideoChannel Interview
  • Biography

    Born in Italy, 1972. Lives and works in Berlin.
    1991-1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Turin, Italy.
    2005-2008 Master „Art in Context ” at the Institute for Art in Context, University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany.
    Active in the art production since 1998, with numerous solo and group exhibitions in and out of Europe. Since 2003 works with the Gallery Canem, Castellón, Spain.

    Focus of the recent artistic work are the identity and the memory as result of the associative systeme of the cerebral processes, on the basis of found photographs.

    Interested in interdisciplinary projects and transdisciplinary work, e.g.:

    HYDROMEMORIES An exhibition on the theme of water
    The interdisciplinary project Hydromemories brings into discussion both the current private and industrial wastage of water and the future crisis in its worldwide provision. The guarantee of individual public access to water is understood to be a universal right.
    In cooperation with Engineers without Borders a relief action is initiated, in which art together with science will be brought into action in order to facilitate the building of water cisterns in Tanzania.
    In 2009 the project Hydromemories will be presented in Italy, in cooperation with the A.Titolo curatorial team, and in Venezuela, in cooperation with the Goethe Institut in Caracas. (

    „Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps“ Conception, Research and Artistic design of the exhibition at the Ravensbrück Memorial, Germany, together with the artistic group memoArt. In collaboration with the Institute for Art in Context, UdK Berlin, the Ravensbrück Memorial and the Historian Christl Wickert. (

    VELO-CITY, Architecture Biennale of Venice, Italian Pavillon. Project in collaboration with Arch. Alberto Ulisse, Arch. Marino la Torre, UNOAUNOSTUDIO, Pescara, Italy. For the VEMA Project, Curate by Arch. Franco Purini.