Ioann Maria (Poland)

Ioann Maria

participant in
VideoChannel – [self]~imaging
artists portraying themselves in film & video

Ioann Maria – new media artist, instructor, filmmaker, vj.

Her experience in live video field brought her to the point of making this
debut short movie “Ferment”, experimenting with the content she previously spoke about in her live video performances, playing on the wave of rage softly covered with deep emotionality, working with content focused visualization and symbolic narration.

She also works with new media technologies and interactive arts, exploring
new possibilities in creative artistic-scientific demonstration. In her
recent solo and collaborative projects she investigates the issues of
physical computing and human-computer interaction. Being passionate about numbers, she’s particularly interested in linking the pure mathematical understanding with the beautiful sensation of experiencing sound and image in the new coherent audio-visual artistic expression.

Besides she’s an organizer of LPM Live Performers Meeting (2008-present),
the world’s biggest annual meeting dedicated to live video performance; an
active member of FLxER team and dorkbot alba -people doing strange things of electricity-, live video performer and workshop instructor.

She currently lives in Edinburgh UK.