Helga Christine Bothe (Germany)

Helga Christine Bothe

participant in
“Family Affairs 2” on VideoChannel

Born in Wolfratshausen/Bayern in 1949 into a German migrant family after they had been expelled from their home in Hungary, I grew up in Dortmund, studied German and English in Bochum, became a secondary I teacher, and have been living in Kierspe/NRW with my family (husband and two children) since 1977. Having always been interested in music, literature, theatre, arts and intercultural projects I started writing unpublished short stories and poems, conducted several theatre performances and projects (school and out-of-school productions) with students and teachers. My creative media work (internet presence and video) began in 2003 in connection with designing homepages for “my” choir, “my” school and different intercultural education and exchange projects. In February 2009 my exchange project film “We Are World” was rewarded first prize in a video competition by the German Foreign Office. Designing films from both moved and static documentary material has become the focus of my creative media work.