Gjoke Gojani (Kosovo)

Gjoke Gojani

Gjoke Gojani born in Peje in Republic of Kosovo in 23 January 1981.

1998 -2002
Art school of Aplicative Arts “ Odhise Paskali “
Pec/Peje Kosovo

2003- 2006
Academy of Fine Arts of Prishtina
Pristina/Prishtina Kosovo

Academy Carrara of Fine Arts of Bergamo Bergamo Italy ( graduating )

2007 He worked on the project “Giuseppe” of Sislej Xhafa for the Muesum of Fine and Contem- porary Arts , Gamec, Bergamo Italy. 2009 He worked on the project “Welcome” of Mik and Dirk Löbbert for Gallary of Modern art Gam, Gallarate, Italy, from 1997 he had lot of exhibition all over the europe)