Giuseppe Pradella (IT)

Giuseppe Pradella
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

Giuseppe Pradella is an audio-visual artist, born in Rome 1975.

He collaborate with the video artist Sladzana Bogeska in their main project “xx+xy visuals”, working and performing together since 2005. Live in Rome, Italy.

xxxy visuals develops in 2005 as media experimental group interested in mixture of artistic languages. Produces project centered on the relationship between images and sound, but also produces video, audio video installations, site-specific projects and live-media performances.

As xxxy visuals start collaborating with F. Corona – Murcof in 2007,developing the visual concepts for his album Cosmos [Leaf Label]. Perfoming at festivals as: Mutek 9th edition Montreal, Dissonanze8 Rome, Play Festival Madrid, Shift Electronic Arts Festival Basel, Catodica Festival Trieste, Corsica Studios London, Evolution Leeds, Storung 3.0 Barcelona, Territorios Festival Sevilla, Urban Explorers Dordrecth, and others.

Partecipated to festivals and events as:Connext Project Tampa Florida, Goethe Institute Istanbul, Cinetrip 06 Budapest, Dokfest Lounge Kassel Germany, Interpenetration festival Graz, and others.

In Italy performed at festivals and participated to events as: Meetintown Auditorium Parco della Musica Rome, Fucina Off 2008 Gallery of Fine Arts in Spoleto, Bestiario MACRO Rome, Homework festival Museo della Musica Bologna, Festival Culture Giovanilli Salerno, Amore 08 Fiera Roma, Panorama festival Naples, LPM Rome.