Giuseppe Cantelmo (Italy)

Giuseppe Cantelmo

Giuseppe Cantelmo ( AKA Destructive Engineering) is a London-based Italian sound artist,. Interested in music and sound since the womb days he is always been working with any sort of inspiration and tools in order to express ideas, feelings, thoughts about what is around and inside him everyday. Strongly confident in the idea that there is no past or future but only an ever changing now, he has built a portfolio of works which explore a wide range of expressions and techniques. He created his very own experience trough continuous work and experimentations in sound, a road that lead him to collaborate with very different artists and situations. A strong key in his practice is that there is no boundaries between human experiences, there is no such distinction between disciplines, everything could be an art, depends on the eyes (and ears) of the beholder, on this field he developed his unique view on sound art, a practice in which he is totally immersed 24/7. The creative process is no different from the laws that keep together this universe, making it something so beautiful unpredictable and fragile, just like an improvisation performance.