Gita Hashemi (Canada/Iran)

Gita Hashemi

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  • Gita engages in cultural practice as artist, writer, curator, organizer, worker and educator. Her most recent curatorial projects include RealPlay (2004, netart exhibit) Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace (2003, art-driven multidisciplinary event,, WILL (2003, multidisciplinary transnational exhibition,, Afghanistan, 2002: No Refuge and Locating Afghanistan (2002-3, image-text exhibition and publication with photography by Babak Salari), and Trans/Planting: Contemporary Art by Women from/in Iran (2001, with Taraneh Hemami,

    Her recent titles include Post-Coitus (2003,, Olive Fair (2003,, Many Stones for Palestine (2002,, The Word Room (2001, with Post-Exile Collective,, A War Primer (2001, sound installation), and Of Shifting Shadows (2000, CD-R). Hashemi’s work has been exhibited,
    reviewed and collected nationally and internationally. She is the founder of Iranian Artists in Dialogue, a co-founder of Post-Exile Collective and a founder of Creative Response. She resides in Toronto, Canada.

    Hashemi’s labour as an intellectual has crystallized in simultaneous processes of de/re/construction; not in any specific class of objects or within any particular representational genres, but in the envisioning of the spaces and formulation of the critical practices that can be constitutive in transformative social and political movements. Informed by her direct
    engagement in liberatory political struggles before, during and after the 1979 Iranian Revolution as well as her experience of exile in North America, Hashemi’s work takes shape in a continuous process of countering masculinist discourses of fundamentalism, fascism, colonialism, corporatism and militarism. Notions of community, co-labouring, public space and active participation are integral to her creative engagement. So is the understanding that artistic practice, as a fundamentally social process, is inherently political and must, therefore, be subject to conscious
    (re-visionary) feminist re-articulation: The political is personal, the personal is poetic, the poetic is political, the political must become ethical.

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