Giorgio Fedeli (Italy)

Giorgio Fedeli

Nationality: Italian
Born: 11 July 1969
Lives and works in Milan

Honours degree (BA) in Visual Arts at Bologna State University (Italy). Degree thesis: “ Videoart in Italy: historical and critical overview”

Training courses (2006)
Voluntary guide at the The Burrell Collection – Glasgow (U.K..)

Art work experience and assignments :

* Co-founder and President of VisualContainer, the first Italian video-art distributor.

* October 2008
Critic and curator of the yearly group exhibition of AAL ( Legnano Art Association) – Legnano (Italy)
* September 2007
Critic and curator for AAL’s group exhibition celebrating 60 years of activity.

* September 2006 issue
Contributor to “a-n The Artists Information Company” Art magazine – Newcastle-upon-Tyne (U.K.)
* June to October 2005
Assistant at the Cavellini Foundation – Brescia (Italy)
* December 2004
Co-critic and co-curator of the 1st Italian solo exhibition of the digital artist Dieter Huber at the Paolo Bonzano Contemporary Art Gallery – Rome (Italy)

February 2004 to current date, evenly
Contributor to “Flash Art ” (Milan) & “Arte&Critica” (Rome) Contemporary Art Magazine

February 2000 to current date
Reviewer and assistant cataloguer of the Video and visual art Centre “Care/Of” – Milan (Italy)
January 2001 to current date
Fore-president, critic and curator within the AAL- Legnano Art Association – Legnano (Italy)
Including: a 3 –day lecture about international video art, involving Italian video artists and academics.

March to June 2004
Art history teacher and Museum guide for CIF – Italian National Female Association – Milan
October 2001 & November 2002 & November 2003 editions
Keeper and presenter of Invideo’s (The International Exhibition of Videoart and Cinema Beyond) archive of international videoart – Milan

2002 & 2003
Contributor to “La Prealpina”, the main Newspaper for the Lombardy Region

September 2002 to January 2003
Gallery Assistant at Cannaviello Contemporary Art Gallery – Milan