Gildardo Cruz Rojas /Alfredo Ramirez Castruita (Mexico)

  • Gildardo Cruz Rojas
  • Born in Mexico City. Has studies on electronics by the Politecnic National Institute, music by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Superior School of Music INBA. Gildardo has developed his professional activity as a composer and performer in Jazz and Concert Hall music. Has been a grant holder and coordinator in the Laboratory of Music Creation in the National School of Music UNAM and the workshop of Radio Creation in Radio Educacion, both directed by Julio Estrada; has taken special courses of the International Seminar of Composition in the National School of Music imparted by Magnus Anderson, Stefano Scodanibbio, Irvine Arditti, Erik Christensen, Patrick Butin and others. Gildardo has produced electro acoustic music and with information technology media, instrumental music for voice, double bass, string quartet and guitar.For radio he has composed two commissioned works: “Itinerario de la memoria”, Retrato: Julio Estrada (The memory’s itinerary: Julio Estrada’s Portrait) and “Dos estudios sobre Munch” (Two studies about Munch)

  • Alfredo Ramirez Castruita
  • Born on December 18th 1977 in Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico.
    Studies Fine Arts at the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM 1998-2002. Takes several courses on silver craft and gemology.
    Works in radio art projects in Radio Educacion with the support of the National Found for Culture and Arts (FONCA), as part of the Artistic Sound Experimental Laboratory (LEAS) from wich stands out:
    a) The participation in RADIOTOPIA an international broadcast organized by Kunstradio and the ORF, as part of the Ars Electronica festival.
    b) Poets in April: Twenty four hour broadcast of sound poetry.
    c) Selected to present a radio piece in the RESONANT CITIES Festival in Scotland. Works in the production department and in a weekly radio show of radio art in Radio Educacion. Works as a silversmith.

    Gildardo Cruz Rojas /Alfredo Ramirez Castruita participates in

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  • Edition II
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter