G.H. Hovagimyan & Brian Caiazza (USA)

G.H. Hovagimyan

is an experimental artist working in a variety of forms. He was one of the first artists in New York to start working with the Internet in the early nineties. His work ranges from hypertext works to digital performance art and installations. His collaborative work, with Peter Sinclair, A SoaPOPera for Laptops was recently in an exhibition at the Jeu De Paume Museum in Paris. Peter Sinclair is a well-known European sound artist who lives in Marseille, France. He heads the sound department at Ecole D’Art D’Aix-en-Provence.

For DIGIT 2006 G.H. Hovagimyan has teamed up with Brian Caiazza to create a unique video performance work in high definition video called, HD Rants.

Brian Caiazza is a young , up and coming, digital artist whose company in8skills has quickly gained a reputation as a key innovator in video and digital design and post production for such clients as VH-1, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, TNN, Aveda, Chanel, and DKNY.

G.H. is a well known media artist whose vlog RANTAPOD http://spaghetti.nujus.net/rantapod is the first experimental video performance work made for video iPods.
Together they teamed up to create a series of intense video performances that takes Caiazza ‘s editing and production and G.H.’s performance rants to create a new type of sampled digital performance.

G.H. Hovagimyan & Brian Caiazza
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Slowtime2007? – Quicktime as an artistic medium
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