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Gavin Spielman is an exceptional and prolific fine artist whose brilliantly evocative oil paintings illicit comparisons to Gauguin, Pisarro and Van Gogh, yet convey a compelling and timeless feeling all their own. A dual resident of New York City and Long Island’s North Fork Wine Country, Mr. Spielman’s works depict both the City’s well-frequented and lesser-known cultural
institutions, landmarks, monuments and celebrated parks as well as the more serene natural beauty of Long Island’s beaches, bays and vineyards.

Proclaimed “Metro Masterpieces” by the New York Daily News, Mr. Spielman’s paintings have received additional noteworthy praise from Long Island’s Newsday and other prominent media in and around the City. The artist’s work recently transcended international borders when he was profiled, in action, for a New York travel story on German TV.

Mr. Spielman often creates his plein air paintings on the City streets, where the owners of the historic and landmark homes that are frequently his subjects often purchase work directly from the artist before he has made his final brush stroke. Prominent homeowners whose personal art collections feature works by Mr. Spielman include VH1 President, John Sykes, and Don Taffner, producer of classic sitcoms, including Three’s Company and Too Close for Comfort.

Mr. Spielman regularly exhibits his oil paintings in galleries, restaurants, art fairs and other venues throughout the City with impressive results. His recent exhibitions have taken place at venues including, SoHo’s Bowery Gallery (“Bowery Best,” Daily News), Nexus Gallery and The Society of Illustrators Museum.

Mr. Spielman boasts an extensive collection of exceptional existing paintings and creates stunning custom-made work for individuals and organizations by commission. A selection of the artist’s original paintings and drawings may be viewed at Mr. Spielman is a Professor of Painting at Parsons’ School of Design, from which he holds a Bachelor of Fine Art.

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