Gato Leiras, Mario Asef (Argentina)

Gato Leiras, Mario Asef
aka Electro-Migranza

Gato Leiras
he was born in Buenos Aires, where he studied guitar and composition and took part of diverse groups of experimental music in Buenos Aires. Since 1997 in berlin, he work on compositions for videos, films and sound-installations.

Mario Asef

Mario Asef, born 1971 in Córdoba, Argentina, lives and works in Berlin. After his apprenticeship as a graphic designer, he studied at the University for Architecture and Urban Development in Córdoba and at the Academy of Visual Arts in Karlsruhe. He was at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, where he graduated with his Master of Arts.
His videos, photography, sound installations and interventions in public space approach architectural as well as socio-political questions and deal with notions of spatial representation.