Francisco Queirós (Portugal)

Francisco Queirós

Born in Lisbon (1972), studied painting at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts.
Lives and works in Sintra, Portugal.
He has exhibited in one-man and group shows regulary, presenting video, sculpture, installation and drawings since the late nineties. Of special note among his recent solo shows are: “yupi” (Museu de Arte Contemporãnia de Serralves, Porto, 2003), “yeah” (Centre d´Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, 2003), “Bacteria” (Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisboa, 2005), “Angelo Mai” (Ex – Chiesa San Romano, Roma, 2005), “o dia em que troquei fazer tudo por não fazer nada” (Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporãnea, Lisboa, 2007), “já viram alguem levar um tiro e não deitar sangue” (Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporãnea, Lisboa, 2009) e “Meathaus” (Museu Bordalo Pinheiro, Lisboa, 2009).
“Francisco Queirós (Lisbon, 1972; lives and works in Sintra) is one of the most exciting figures on the present Portuguese art scene. His output is defined by the use of video and the creation of installations that build a visual universe which is easily recognisable for its strangeness and singularity.
At an early stage, the works were based on the construction of narratives related to the world of children, but subverted by perverse actions borrowed from the world of adults. His latest works defend an iconographic and space-time ambiguity to better hint at an atmosphere of ambivalent sensations”. “Francisco Queirós” by Miguel von Hafe Pérez