Fran Orallo (Spain)

Fran Orallo
Fran Orallo was born in 1979 in Spain, country at which he lives and
works at present. In 2006 he graduate in art in the Technical
University of Valencia. During this period he participate in different
collective expositions organized by the university and he moved with
an Erasmus scholarship to Bordeaux College of Art (France).
Since then his work has been shown in several exhibitions, biennales,
ferias and international festivals from Europe and Latin America, with
exhibitions in countries like Spain, Italy, France, Germany,
Switzerland, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. Also his
work appears in several catalogues published by different

Participant in
CologneOFF VII
The Wake-Up! Memorial
Wake Up! Climate Change!
Refugee Film Collection
Corona! Shut down?
The Wake Up! Memorial – Gandhi – PPNRCD
nuclear pigeon, 2020, 1:00
This work shows images of the detonation of a nuclear bomb in contrast to the international peace symbol, the white dove. The video aims to generate a paradox, showing a contradiction that tells us about the symbols and their representation.