Flow Ir In (UK)

Flow Ir In

Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview Project

short info:
alive. it is not me that guides my hand, at least not all the time. Through meditation and self exploration i have found connection with a larger whole. together we weave this art.
based on a lifetime of serious scientific study of consciousness, perception and communication. If references are required, check out my BA (hons) and MA (hons) from cambridge, England, and my MSc and MPhil in neurosicences from the institute of psychiatry, London. Our minds function so – and can be decieved so.
magic. Initiated into the church of aving.it, by High Priestess Ting a Ling, and into a more traditional circuit by High Priestess Karli, i married into a stately lineage. My spirit partner and i have spawned numerous demonic children, asteroth our firstborn. Time has refined my touch, and focused my intention. and … here, i recorded a conversation with a race of highly advanced energetic beings.

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  • SoundLAB
  • – Memoryscapes