Florian Kmet (Austria)

Florian Kmet

Born in 1973, Innsbruck, Austria.
Change of residency to New York from 1991 to 1994. Several engagements in rock-bands.
Since 1994 Florian Kmet lives and works in Vienna (A) as a classical trained guitarist and singer with a wide range of activities including solo-works within composed music and projects with improvising musicians, and music for theater and film.
He is a permanent member of Lokai, trio exclusive and KMET.
He released albums on thrill jockey, mosz, koncord and universal and received national grants for composition in 2005 and 2011; Collaborations with W. Mitterer, G. Schneider, F.
Hautzinger, M. Brandlmayr, J. Sanchéz-Chiong;
Florian Kmet has been exploring serial-photography for many years – especially fascinated with traffic situations in big cities he visits while being on tour.