Fabio Oliveira Nunes (Brazil)

Fabio Oliveira Nunes

Born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Fabio Oliveira Nunes is a multimedia artist, PhD student in Arts in the São Paulo University (USP) and webdesigner. Currently, he is researching the paradoxs of subversion and experimentation in Media Art. Works and lives in São Paulo. Some of his works:
Artéria8 (http://www.arteria8.net)
Casa Escura (http://jsnunes.sites.uol.com.br/casaescura/index.html).
Home page (only in portuguese): http://www.fabiofon.com .

Fabio Oliveira Nunes participates in

  • VideoChannel
  • Videos from Brazil
    Title of work: Rua Sol, Flash video, 2004, 1:50
    curated by Brocolis VHS