Fabian Giles (Mexico)

Fabian Giles

JIP – JavaMuseum Interview

Visual Artist
Born in Mexico City on 1971.
Studied a degree of Design of the Graphic Communication in UAM Universidad atónoma Metropolitana ( Autonomous Metropolitan University ) as which one graduated in 1996.
His experience as visual artist has focused to independent illustration projects for diverse media like cd covers, magazines, editorial and mainly in new media like the internet , multimedia projects for cd roms and, finally, experimenting in net. art in the project: ttp://www.freegar.org.
He has evolved, as art director and webmaster, in design, visual concept, planning and development of more than 80 projects on internet for magazines, rock bands and musicians, writters and media.
He has participated in diverse events and contests receiving honorary mentions in contest against aids and second contest of digital photography organized by fotozoom magazine, being finalist in third contest of web pages on internet in culture category and finalist top 10 ibest prizes 2000 mexico in music category.
His interests are focused to projects related to the visual arts, music, mass media and diffusion of creative ideas whose message causes an impact that is reflected in something positive in people who receive it.

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  • a+b=ba? – art + blog = blogart?
    showcase curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
  • 2005

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