Eugeny Umansky (Russia)

Eugeny Umansky

is an artist and curator living and working in Koenigsberg /Kaliningrad (Russia)

1961 – was born in Nizhni Tagil, Ural, Russia.
1987 graduated the Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute on the speciality Oceanology.
Since 1989 – the free artist.
Since 1992 – Director of the private gallery of modern painting, graphic art, and photo, Kaliningrad, Russia
Since 1997 – Art-director of the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art, Russia (KB NCCA)

Curator activity
During of curator activity has organised and has realised more 40-ty art projects together with other curators.
1994, 1996
– 3 and 4 International Biennial of Easel Graphic Art “Kaliningrad – Koenigsberg”, Regional Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Russia.
– Multikind Art Project “Sardines in oil”, Museum of World Ocean, Kaliningrad; and the International Art Fair “Art-Manege’99. Moscow. Eurasian zone”, Central exhibition hall “Manege”, Moscow, Russia. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
– Art Project “Territory of echo. The Siberian Ulcer”, International Museum Biennial, Museum complex on Strelka, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
– Project “Gluhomania” in the frame of non-commercial section of the International Fair of Contemporary Art “Art-Moscow “, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow; “Museum Picnic 2000”, Tolyatti, Regional Museum, Russia. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
– Open Social Network Art Project “ART OF TORTURES AND EXECUTIONS – ART AGAINST TORTURES AND EXECUTIONS”. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.

Selected exhibitions 1999 – 2002:

– 1st International Art Biennial, Pizza, Italy. The diploma.
– “Alternate Photo”, Kaliningrad Regional Historical Art Museum, Russia.
– Exhibition of a man’s naked nature “Body ÃŒ”, Kaliningrad Branch NCCA, Kaliningrad;
– Multimedia Art-project “Media-Graph”. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
– Web-project “Photoperformance on the King’s Mounting” in the frame of the St Petersburg’s Art Marathon.
– International Exhibition “Performance/interventions on photographs”. Multimedia Arts Gallery in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
– Multimedia project “The secret life of the Siberian Cosmism”. Organiser New House of Culture, Novosibirsk, Russia.
– 2. International Multimedial Art Festival (IMAF 2000), MAS Gallery, Odzaci, Yugoslavia
– Installation “Life is a trap” (together with E.Tsvetaeva) . Stockholm, Sweden;
– Photo installation “Untitled”. International workshop “Contemporary Art. Ecology of art in an industrial landscape”. Nizhny Tagil State Art Museum, Nizhny Tagil, Russia.
– “Prussian Blue”. Castle Sanssouci, Orangerie, Potsdam, Germany
– Poetry Bunker at the 49th Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
– Exhibition “DAVAJ! Russian Art now”. Berlin, Germany; MAK, Vienna, Austria
– 1-st Annual outdoor seminar – plein-air “Inside and Between: Communication and Identification in Contemporary Art”. Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia
– 1-st International Festival of Contemporary Art “Melioration”. Moscow
Lives and works in Kaliningrad, Russia

Eugeny Umansky is artist and curator in

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  • RRF – v.1.0
    curating these artists

    1. Eugeny Umansky
    2. Jevgeny Palamarchuk
    3. Yuri Vasiliev
    4. Anatoly Belov
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