Erkki Kirjalainen (Finland)

Erkki Kirjalainen

Erkki Kirjalainen, MA is a recently graduated industrial designer born and residing in Helsinki, Finland.His attitude towards design profession could be summed up as follows:
“Things should not be designed only to benefit their marketing, but to benefit the world that they will be part of”. Erkki Kirjalainen has worked at the Nokia Networks as a usability specialist, assisting in various user interface designs, designing user interface visual languages, and evaluating user interface prototypes.
Designing and implementing the MemoryTrace service is the master thesis work of Erkki Kirjalainen. The implementation of the database functions related to MemoryTrace service have been done by Santtu Rantanen, Msc.

Erkki Kirjalainen participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Fjords – netart from Northern European countries