Enrico Tomaselli (Italy)

enrico tomaselli
Enrico Tomaselli

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  • I was born in Palermo, and I have studied art and graphic in Palermo and Rome, and now live and work in Naples. I carry forward a classical art background handed to me through deeply rooted family, I have follow the creative spur going first at Artistic High School in Palermo, and at European Insitute of Design in Rome later. I working in the field of graphic design. In the past 15 years I have added computer and web technologies to my skill set.

    Now work almost exclusively like multimedia designer.

    Online gallery on GenomART
    Movie Video giallo:
    • collective Giallo, Salerno, and collective Akkampamento provvisorio, exIDAF, Salerno
    Movie Sexual obsession:
    • at Digital Clip Festival at GNAM (Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna) Turin;
    • on Mediahexa
    • Web Biennal 2003 – Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.
    Movie reality_is_multiple:
    • CD compilation ACCA.
    Still-image Fascinating memories:
    • exhibit Dream on Flow Galerìa
    • exhibit Love Within Us on Scene 360.
    Still-image Deus Iræ:
    • exhibit dedicated to Philip K. Dick, on Inguine.net
    Still-image Raushana:
    • exhibit at Ravenna, within show of iranian cartoonist Marjane Satrapi; theme: The heaven’s key.
    • on Digital Submit
    Still-image Little Baghdad’s madonnas:
    • exhibit Peace on Flow Galerìa.
    Still-image Bad news:
    • exhibit Rain on Flow Galerìa.
    Movie Memories are the heartbeat of the time:
    • exhibit Time on Digital Submit.
    Movie But my name is not Cyrano:
    • exhibit Lovemedesigner on lovemedesigner.com.
    Still-image Wearethebugiftheworld:
    • within collective book CMYK Book by Liguori.
    Still-image Myfairy:
    • exhibit Fairy Tale on Flow Galerìa.
    Movie Darkness…:
    • exhibit Darkness by AbleStable.com
    Still-image Kangaleon:
    • exhibit Uncommon creatures on Stampete.de.
    Movie [S]A[C]O[S]P[I]:
    • exhibit Scomponi Picasso, Salerno, by GenomART.
    • exhibit WebBiennal 2005 – Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.
    Movie uanlav-uantaun:
    • showed at Città della Scienza – Naples, during a workshop on videoart, and during a seminar on Web and Video Arte, Communication and… Business, at University of Salerno.
    Movie Scai(r):
    • showed in occasion of opening of AIRSAL (Campania Airlines) office
    Movie Colors:
    • exhibit Identity of colour, on VideoChannel
    Movie Videopoetiche surrealiste:
    • Romapoesia 2005 DOCtorCLIP

    Enrico Tomaselli is participating in

  • media art show ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – show for Peace
  • Title: “On my Own”, multi-media, 2006

  • VideoChannel
  • Identity of Colour

    Title: Colours 2005, Flash, 2005, 2:20

  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
  • JIP – JavaMuseum Interview
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