Emma Margetson

Emma Margetson
Emma Margetson is an award-winning acousmatic composer and sound artist based in the Midlands, UK. Her works have been performed nationally and internationally, and was recently awarded first prize in the prestigious L’Espace du Son International Spatialisation Competition by Influx. She is currently in the final phase of studies for a PhD in Musical Composition from the University of Birmingham funded by the AHRC Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership. She has extensive experience in multichannel composition and sound diffusion to create highly immersive 2D & 3D sound worlds. Emma has compositions released with labels Urban Arts Belin, Sonos Localia and Obs.

Participant in
The Wake-Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Title of audio work: Isochrone, 2020, 11:56
Isochrone is an acousmatic immersive 3D spatial composition. Using close-up microphone recordings of a bicycle and field recordings from the Elbe Tunnel (Hamburg), a 426m tunnel for pedestrians, bikes and cars. Drawing on the cyclic, continuous nature of the material, the evolving sounds reference never-ending structures found within such spaces.