Emily Hermant (Canada)

Emily Hermant

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1980, Emily Hermant is an award-winning textile and installation artist. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, in Studio Arts [Concentration: Fibres] and Religion, from Concordia University. Hermant’s work has been shown in Canada and the USA and her cyber-work has been shown internationally. Hermant’s recent professional activity include a thematic residency for Art’s Birthday Festival at Studio XX in Montreal and contributor to Reverie: NoiseCity, a virtual urban landscape on the web organized by the Western Front Society and aaeol in Vancouver, Canada.
Hermant’s current research investigates ways of integrating traditional notions of craft and textile production with the fastly evolving fields of digital technologies and new medias. Hermant is particularly interested in how traditional techniques such as embroidery, burnout and weaving used to create a ‘personal’ space find their parallels in the hyper text mark-up and other languages of virtual space. Hermant now lives and works in Montreal.

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