Emilio Reyes-Bassail (Mexico)

Emilio Reyes-Bassail

Mexico City (1987)
Sound and visual artist living in Mexico City. His work is characterized for having an active dialogue with multiple media, disciplines, platforms and formats. Using as guiding principle the rupture with the medium, his work has sought to nest itself in “uncomfortable” areas for art and communication.

In spite of being formally trained as filmmaker, his artistic work starts in public radio with the radio-art show “Tripulación Kamikaze”. From there on he begins a continuous work into sound experimentation that led him to make quadrophonic pieces for public spaces, and more recently, a 30 speaker installation in Mexico City´s MUJAM (Mexico´s Antique Toy Museum).

In the visual scenario, Emilio has been involved in multimedia and interactive montages for performances and theatre, experimental video, net-art and documentary cinema.

In 2009 he co-founded the editorial “Bustrófedon”, an hybrid platform that involves collaborative processes between writers, artists, lawyers and urban developers.

The non-stop exploration of different media has led Emilio to develop editorial and interdisciplinary projects ­with the collectives Pase Usted, Tóxico Cultura and Menumamedia. Within these projects he has been involved in different stages that range from editorial conception to the illustration of an entire book on erotic era limericks from the Victorian period.

Currently Emilio Reyes-Bassail is in post-production stage of “Atlas”, a poetic feature documentary on bodies, their dissolution and reconstruction.