Ellen Maiorano (Australia)

Ellen Maiorano,
Ellen Maiorano is a Melbourne-born, Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist working in video, performance and installation. Her works have been presented as part of Hackney WickED, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Gertrude Street Projection Festival and Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Often stemming from a personal narrative, her work focuses on human emotion and interaction – the fragile connections that build and break us – exploring both a cynicism and an underlying hope. Say hello on Instagram @ellenmaiorano

Participant in – Corona! Shut Down?
video title: Home Safe Home, 2020, 1:45
Home Safe Home explores the pros and cons of self-isolation during the
COVID-19 pandemic. Hoarding versus preparation. Too many voices versus
the gathering of information. A balancing act. Is the grass greener on
the other (out)side? Make sure you have enough beans.