Elise Baldwin (USA)

Elise Baldwin
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

SIP – SoundLAB Interview

Raised on a farm in Idaho, Elise Baldwin now resides in San Francisco. Active in the experimental music and electronic art community, she focuses on solo intermedia performance, a/v installation and collaborative music ventures. Her work revolves around themes of collective memory, intersections between the natural world and the technological, and often uses archival sources. She holds a degree in Film and Video production from UC Santa Cruz, as well as an MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College.

Her work contains prevalent characteristics: a fondness for recombinant media and collage techniques, a fascination with human memory and forms of communication, and a historic multiplicity with regard to medium. Having felt her artistic inclinations to be fairly evenly divided between the visual and aural since childhood, filmmaking, sound art, theater and music composition all existed as discrete pursuits for many years before she realized that they were mutually informative and completely intertwined with regard to her creative process. Since that time, Elise has been creating installation and performance works using audio and video within custom software instruments.

Elise has spent much of the past decade working professionally as a multimedia director, recording engineer, sound designer, and digital video editor on commercial, gaming and educational projects. She has performed recently at the New York Electronic Arts Festival, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Edgetone Music Festival, the Brutal Sound FX Festival, E.S.P. Media Lounge, CalArts CEAIT Festival and the National Queer Arts Festival. She has received numerous awards, including Experimental Television Center and CESTA residencies in 2008, a Harvestworks Artist in Residency in 2006, and the Frogs Peak Award for Experimental Music in 2004.