Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview project

With guitar and bass player background, some experience as sound technician Eliche starts his relationship with machines from 1998. First instrumental works have been recorded processing different instruments trough guitar effects; open chords over flowing bass lines, radio sampling and drum programming is what is on “Eliche In Funzione”.
In 2002 he became student of “Bottega Bologna”, a music and communication class with Giovanni Lindo Ferretti (CSI, CCCP, PGR ecc.) as master teacher and Eraldo Bernocchi as sound design teacher. With “Bottega Bologna” he perform in a showcase event and suddenly works with Federico Nobili in the construction of “La Parola Buio” as sound designer, audio research and laptop set on stage.
He release the videoCD “L’Altra Carmen” about less know Carmen Silvestroni art pieces and “I.D.A. Intima Domestica Ancora”, a full length release.
Later he focus his attention on machines and starts defining a personal sound based exclusively on a laptop treatments of different kind of source. This research runs in parallel with a deep immersion in drum programming. Tracks are now made of polyrhythmic drums textures that moves under an important polyphonic melody structure. Whit stuff like this, on 2004-2005 Elicheinfunzione plays on Elettrowave Challenge (electronic and dance music section of Arezzo Wave Festival) for two years consecutives, performing in Bologna, Florence and Milan. On june he performs at “MUV – electronic MUsic and Video” in Florence and “MDAQ – Musica D’alta Quota” in Messina – Sicily. He remixed tracks from Raein and The Zephyrs. Eliche actually find the “suite” structure the most congenial for his own releases, and this is due to an interest in discovering roles, position and meaning of a single sound or a theme in a linear development and also because of a live approach to composition and arrangement.

ELICHEINFUNZIONE participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • edition04.- m’scape 02