Ebba Jahn

Ebba Jahn

Filmmaker since 1980 (dffb Berlin Graduate 1984)
1991-2010 New York City, a.o. BA Fine Arts CUNY
Back in Berlin group art exhibitions and DVD productions
2017 -2019 curator and organizer of travelling art exhibition PAPER PAIRS
with abstract works by 20 artists including own.
Since 2018 focus on independent short video creation.

Ebba Jahn participates in
Corona! Shut Down?
video title 1: #STAY HOME, 2020, 1:00
This is the first artistic response by Ebba Jahn to COVID-19 social distancing requirements in Berlin.
May it give viewers a minute of aw and encouragement while moving through their present disturbances – at least the filmmaker finds her lockdown vibes colorfully reflected…

video title 2: Selfie with Tuba – Pinguin Moschner, 2020, 3:47
After all his gigs were cancelled due to lockdowns, German tuba player Pinguin Moschner worked on a tune for a tuba – solo and recorded tilbake (return). Performed with touching virtuosity it inspired me to make a video collage with it – so we collaborated online between Opladen and Berlin end of April 2020.

video title 3: The Creek, 2020, 2:00
Poem by Tjawanga Dema

video title 4: Another’s View of the Universe, 2020, 4:00
A minimalistic space excursion/animation for the discovery of wise sentences by six universal artists – a video cento.
Sounds by Sverdrup Balance