Dario Iurilli (Italy)

Dario Iurilli

Dario Iurilli was born in 1983 in Bari, in the south of Italy.
After being a violinist, and a film maker, he’s a Videomaker,a live video set performer.
As a video maker he worked at the Dance as Machina Project that supported also Dorfmeister in Bari, in 2004.
He’s a student at the Csc- National School of Cinematography- in Rome.
With the collaboration of Luigi Mastandrea he created M.i.n.D. MicrochangesInAirDensity, project that unify music and video art.
In the winter of 2005 he also performed in Paris, in the atelier-squat of Rue De Rivoli, where live videos and music worked together to generate ideas in a place composed of 5 floors of indepedent working rooms of painters visited by
guests from everywhere.
>From his works we can underline:
Libera Nos, 13′col 2004
The Books of Seasons 11′col 2005
Grace dvj#1 2005
Todo Modo 2005
La Mia Famiglia è magica e immensa, 11′ col 2006
Sten, 3′ col. 2006

Dario Iurilli is participating in

  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Title: The Books of Seasons, video, 2004, 10′