Dario Bardic (Croatia)

Dario Bardic

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    Dario Bardic was born in Zagreb, Croatia. At the moment, he lives in Amsterdam, Holland. After he finished the Secondary Art School, he successfully applied for a place at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. There he studied graphic arts for almost five years. In 1993 he moved to Amsterdam where he started his studies in the graphic design department of The Gerrit Rietveld Academy. During the final examination exhibition in 1998, he was invited by the Sandberg Institute commission to do the post-graduation studies. Bardic spent the next three years exploring and developing various disciplines of art & design (the lay-out of books, Internet, interactive design, video productions…). In 2001 he finished his studies and got a Master of Arts degree. Later that year, Bardic won ‘The Best of The World’ prize for his one-minute video ‘Time Travel’ at the One Minutes Awards in Paradiso, Amsterdam. He works as a free-lance designer and spent a lot of time developing his art and working on non-profit projects. His work can be seen on many festivals en exhibitions all over the world.