Daniel Vatsky (Netherlands)

Daniel Vatsky

is a video artist, film archivist, and researcher. He utilizes a diverse collection of media along with specialized software and hardware components, combining them to create unique systems of data and signal processing. Working in a variety of modes, his performances range from transcontinental multi-user installations to low-fidelity light-collage using slide projectors and found objects. His pieces are concerned with the distillation of images, in which their innate qualities and emotional content can be stretched, contemplated, manipulated, and re-contextualized.
Daniel is a founding member of the audiovisual performance trio Screen Memory (with and Michael Berk), and the creator of Kijk and Luister (with Isabelle Jenniches). His work has been featured at Roulett’s Mixology Festival, DEAF, Next 5 Minutes, and Lincoln Center’s New York Video Festival.

Daniel Vatsky participates in

  • Cinematheque
  • Cinema_B – Slowtime? – Quicktime as an artistic medium
    curated by Agricola de Cologne