Cristina Pavesi (Italy)

Cristina Pavesi

was born in 1966 in Milan, where she lives and works.
She completed artistic studies graduating at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan, and achieving several art specializations. Since 1992 she has showed her pictures, photos, sculptures and installations in one man exhibitions and group exhibitions.. Since 2002 she has been making very short videos that have been projected in national and international spaces and art galleries.
With a multimedia approach, she deals with the themes of womanliness, childwood and precariousness of time, meditating on the paradoxes of life.
Following the standpoint of children perception, she brings us in an enchanted and amazed world; and with a complete change in the way of thinking of adults, she helps us rediscover the power of creativity and playful imagination even in the very ordinary situations of everyday life.

The following are the main recent artshows and videoprojections :
Maionese XI, care of Elena Privitera, Ass. culturale En Plain Air, Pinerolo,Turin,
Italy 2008
59 seconds Video Festival, American and European Tour , 2008
Illuminator/Art Koltsovo, care of Arseny Sergeyev, Yekaterinburg Airport,
Russia, 2008
Cracovia Video Festival, Foundation F.A.I.T., Polony 2007
Detroit International Video Festival, Museum of New Art, 2007, 2003
Photography Biennal, Cavellini, Brescia, Italy 2006
Young European Art, Castello, Pavia, Italy 2005